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Broken Tooth

Emergency Broken Tooth Repair Dentist in London for Pain Relief

At Emergency Dentist London we very often see patients with chipped or broken teeth.  If you do suffer a broken tooth you should see your emergency dentist as soon as possible so that you can prevent the damage getting any worse.  if you do break a tooth then do not try to force it back into the gum.  put it into a clean container and make sure that you have covered that with either saliva or with milk while you make your way to the emergency dentist.  this is because the fragment of the broken tooth may be used to help repair your tooth. 

How is a broken tooth repair treated at Our Emergency Dentists London Clinic?

In the case of chipping an edge of one of your front teeth your dentist will usually smooth the uneven surface and replace the chip with composite material. If it is a molar or a back tooth that is broken and part of the chewing surface has broken off then a crown or a filling may be used to replace the missing section of tooth.Sometimes the dental pulp in the centre of the tooth can be damaged when the tooth is broken or chipped.  The pulp carries the nerves and blood vessels that supply the tooth and if this happens then root canal treatment will usually be necessary to take out the damaged pulp so that infection does not set in.  Once this has been done the tooth will be filled or a crown added to protect it.

Repairing a broken tooth with dental bonding

Quite often dental bonding will be used for a cracked or chipped tooth.  One of our highly experienced dentists will carry this out for you and we know you'll be very pleased with the visual result.  All the members of our dental team have a lot of experience in providing dental care for emergency cases.  If you do suffer  a chip or a crack in your tooth then you can expect any treatment done with composite bonding to be completed in one day.  If the break is more complicated then you may need to come back for further appointments.

The composite veneer is a veneer that is built up in layers and will restore your smile with a very natural looking finish.

Our in house 3D CEREC system will allow us to design and to bond your ceramic veneer in just one appointment.

Call our Emergency Dentist London if you suffer a chip or crack to your tooth.