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A dental crown is used as a way of protecting a tooth. At our emergency dental clinic in London, we can fit you with a crown that will restore the beauty of your smile as well repair damage or teeth that have become susceptible to disease. A dental crown will restore function and appearance and we can offer you crowns to cap large fillings and to secure fractured teeth as well as root filled teeth to strengthen them.

These are the most common instances that require a dental crown to restore broken tooth with cap.

  1. When there is a large filling in a tooth that is bigger than the remaining toothy.
  2. With a broken tooth and if there is a piece of the tooth missing.
  3. With a fractured tooth or a tooth that is cracked.
  4. After root canal treatment has been carried out on a tooth.
  5. When there is discolouration of a tooth to improve appearance(if it is not going to be treated with a veneer).

Is there an alternative to a dental crown in London

Having a dental crown is all about protecting tooth structure. If that can be achieved without the tooth being fully covered, then it is possible that a three quarter dental crown can be used which will reduce the drilling that needs to be done.

Are there different types of dental crown in London?

The answer to that is simple, yes, a lot have been produced at different times down the decades. The ones that are used the most today are usually differentiated according to the material that is used to make them. These are the ones that are most used:

  1. The metallic dental crown made from either non-precious or precious metals.
  2. The ceramic dental crown used mostly at the front of the mouth for the best aesthetics and are mainly made of zirconium, porcelain, lava, etc.
  3. A combination of ceramicsover a metal core.

The oldest traditional material used and probably the best is gold. Because of the colour gold is not usually used at the front of the mouth unless a patient particularly wants it. For the back teeth gold is a good choice with the only disadvantage being the cost of the gold.

How much will a dental crown cost in London?

The cost of having a crown will depend on the kind of crown that is being applied and the reason for it being used on a tooth. The cost of a crown is usually calculated on the following criteria.

  1. The material that is used
  2. Thedentist’s experience and skill
  3. The status and the quality of the dental laboratory used as well as the skill of the dental technician
  4. Whether the crown is for aesthetic purposes
  5. The technique that is used in the making of the dental crown

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