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Emergency Denture Repairs & Replacement London

Still one of the most popular options for replacing teeth, false teeth or dentures one of our most used services. We offer a wide range of dentures at our emergency dental clinic in London. With flexible finance options to suit every pocket we can also provide same day dentures in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Denture Replacement for Missing Teeth in London

Dentures are the oldest method of replacing teeth that are missing and have been used for many centuries. Although there are more high-tech options available dentures remain the most popular method of replacing missing teeth.

What type of denture broken tooth repair should I have?

Modern dentistry has many different types of dentures available and these are the ones that are most commonly used

1. Full acrylic all plastic dentures

Acrylic is one of the oldest tried and tested materials that are utilised in the making of dentures.

The Advantages

  • They are easy to repair and lightweight and a very cost effective option

The Disadvantages

  • The strength of an acrylic or plastic denture is achieved through the thickness of the materials so they can be bulky.
  • They can be brittle and break if they dropped on a hard surface
  • They will only work if they're supported by the gums

2. The combination plastic and metal denture

This type of denture is generally very comfortable to wear and is the most easily tolerated. Strength is produced by the production of a metal skeleton that's usually made of chrome and cobalt with plastic gums and teeth built onto the metal structure. They are sometimes used for making a full denture but they are particularly ideal for the production of partial dentures meaning that they can accommodate any teeth that are still in the jaw. With this kind of denture the plastic used would often be acrylic and if acrylic is used then metal clasps will also be used. Nylon could also be used and that has the advantage of having more flexibility compared to acrylic plastics. Dentures that feature nylon are called flexi dentures and will not contain any metal clasps so that they are the most aesthetically pleasing.

The Advantages:

  • These dentures are easiest to tolerate.
  • When acrylic is used, they can be easily repaired
  • There is better stability and retention
  • Aesthetics and function are generally better
  • The teeth under gums are both supported

The Disadvantages:

  • There needs to be some natural teeth remaining
  • They are more expensive then all plastic or acrylic dentures
  • Any changes to existing teeth can make the metal skeleton ill fitting
  • There may be compromised aesthetics if any metal clasps are visible

Aesthetic or flexi dentures

A type of plastic with flexibility this denture has the give that an acrylic denture would not offer. Where the aim is to replace a few missing teeth especially at the front, this is a very good option. These dentures will be comfortable and do not always use metal clasps.

The advantages:

  • The flexibility of the material
  • Metal free clasps can offer a better fit
  • The best look, aesthetically
  • Light weight material.
  • Easy to tolerate.

The disadvantages:

  • Cannot be used to replace several unless it is used with a metal substructure.
  • Usually they are more expensive than Acrylic dentures.
  • This type of plastic is vulnerable to stains compared with acrylic.

How much will emergency dentures repair cost?

That will depend on what type of denture you go for, what it is made of and the skill and experience of the professional who is producing it. See our prices page for a guide.

Can everyone tolerate a denture or false teeth?

Most people will get used to it but there is no doubt that some people find that they cannot tolerate a foreign body in the mouth. The material the denture is made of and the sensitivity of the mouth all play a part. Talk to one of our dentists for more information.