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Knocked Out Tooth Treatment London

A tooth that has been knocked out, (an avulsed tooth) is probably the most serious dental emergency and the tooth may even be saved if treatment is given promptly enough. The younger the patient the better chance of saving a tooth but adults can also have their teeth successfully reimplanted. If this happens to you keep our number handy and call us immediately to save your tooth.

This is what you need to do if you do suffer a tooth being knocked out

  • If the tooth has been knocked out in one piece you need to pick it up gently but never touch the root
  • If the tooth has got dirty, rinse it with water but do not wipe it or scrape it and keep any fragments of tissue intact
  • Try to hold the tooth back into the socket it has come out of although you should not force it. If you cannot easily put it back into the tooth socket, keep it in a container with some salty water and bring it with you to your appointment with emergency dentist London
    • How your dentist will treat your avulsed tooth:

      Sometimes it can be easy to reattach a tooth however if the tooth is broken or if the bone has been chipped then it can be more difficult. If any blood vessels, nerves or tissues that are inside the tooth have been damaged then your dentist might need to do root canal treatment, immediately.

      Your dentist will replace your tooth in its socket and hold it in place with a splint that is attached to the teeth that are on either side of it. The splint will have to stay in place for several days.

      Typically it will take around three to four weeks for the root to reattach to the bone but if the bone has also been fractured then the process could take anything from 6 to 8 weeks. You will be monitored during this time by your emergency dentist in London.