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White fillings are tooth coloured resins made of dental filling material. They are very popular these days and can repair chipped or broken tooth. At Emergency Dentist London, the dentist prepares a filling from this substance which looks natural and matches with your tooth colour. The emergency dentist will also allow for restoration to a minimum which means saving a natural tooth.

White fillings are used in the back and in the front of the mouth and as well as providing a look that is natural, they will also support the strength and the function of a damaged tooth. Our dentists might also choose to build cracked or chipped teeth up using white fillings. They can also be used to reshape uneven teeth or to close the gap between teeth as well as filling cavities that have arisen due to tooth decay.

Benefit of Emergency White Filling Repair in London

  • A white filling will look a lot more natural than an amalgam or metallic filling. An amalgam filling might go black over a period of time and will be very visible in your mouth while white fillings are matched to your tooth colour and give a completely natural look.
  • There is no mercury in white fillings unlike in fillings that are made of metal. Some people believe that the mercury that is contained within amalgam fillings poses a risk to good health.
  • A white filling will strengthen your tooth. Layers of silicon dioxide can also be filled with glass as an extra stabilisation.
  • Where Silicon dioxide is used, it will not conduct cold and hot temperatures in the same way as a metallic filling would and you will not suffer from any tooth sensitivity after you have had a white filling.
  • the white filling will harden very fast usually within a matter of just a few hours.

The process of applying White Dental fillings

  • The tooth will be prepared – this kind of filling can be used where teeth are decayed and will usually require only one appointment to be applied. To begin the process your dentist will remove any decay and the cavity that has being formed will then be filled with a white or other type of filling.
  • Bonding will be applied – if your tooth is an irregular shape then it will be possible to bond a composite filling onto the tooth to give it's the shape that is required.
  • Dental composite will be applied – With a chipped or broken filling, then the dentist can use composite fillings for tooth repair, restoring the correct shape so that it will be functional and cosmetically appealing.
  • Restoration – Where there are gaps between teeth, the gaps can be closed with a composite filling. Where decay is close to the nerve of the tooth, then protective medication will be given.
  • Shaping – The filling will be moulded to a veneer shape. Composite fillings will be put in place, polished and then shaped, so that the tooth will be restored to its original shape and function. An inexpensive and quick option as opposed to a smile makeover or a porcelain veneer.

Why you should choose our emergency dentist for your white filling?

  • To have the correct treatment from a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists
  • For a natural look and for greater confidence
  • To get rid of metal fillings
  • For excellent value for money

The price of white fillings at our clinic varies based on the size and position of filling to be used. Contact us now to find out what your treatment will cost.

FAQ’s about white Dental fillings

Could I have a white filling?

If you are suffering from minor tooth decay or if you want to replace a metallic filling then you'll be an ideal candidate for treatment with a white filling.

When would I need a filling?

A filling will be used to fill in on the outer part of a tooth. It is very important for any cavities to be filled so that a bacterial infection does not set in and then spread to other parts of the tooth. Once the enamel of a tooth is weakened the risk of tooth decay is far higher and the filling will help to keep a tooth healthy.

Will my dental insurance fillings

Most dental insurance plans will provide coverage for the least expensive type of filling and it will depend on your particular provider as to whether you can have a white filling entirely paid for. Consult your dentist and your insurance provider For more information on this.

How long will a white filling last?

Provided you always maintain good dental hygiene a white filling should last anywhere between five to ten years before you need to have it replaced.

Will I be in pain after my treatment?

After you've had a white filling your tooth might be sensitive to cold and to hot food and drink for about 2 days but any pain should be very mild and easily treated with over the counter painkillers. There should be no more pain or discomfort after three days.

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