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Emergency Dentist London Prices for Treatments

Private Emergency Dentist in Wimpole Street London

Our Urgent Dental Clinic emergency dental prices are affordable and updated regularly, but if there may be a additional treatments, the final offer for our emergency dental treatments are made by our Emergency Dentist London.

Treatment Fee
Dental examination fees £69 excluding X-rays
Specialist Consultation with DR Hamid £150
Study Models and Treatment Planning £180
Hygiene per 30 mins £60
Hygiene including prophy 45mins £90
Investigation of teeth per hour £240
Routine Fillings Composite From £150
Amalgam removal per session £195
Porcelain Veneers from £900
Porcelain Inlays from £1100
Gold Inlays from £1350
Porcelain bonded to Gold Crowns from £1350
Gold Posts from £350
Bridgework per tooth replaced from £1250
Extractions from £120
Acrylic Denture per arch £900
Chrome-Cobalt Denture per arch £1400
Acrylic Night Guard £360
Snoring appliance £600
Tooth Whitening from £300
Wisdom teeth from £300
Implants first and second stage surgery from £1250
Bone augmentation from £750
Implant Crowns from £1250
All in 4-6 per arch from £12000
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