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dental trauma

dental trauma

An injury to the gums the teeth or the bone that hold the tooth socket (the alveolar) or in the soft tissues of your mouth to include the tongue and lips all fall under the heading of a dental trauma that may be caused by:

  • A tooth fracture
  • A root fracture
  • Fracture of the enamel
  • A chip to a tooth
  • A tooth that has been loosened after a knock
  • A tooth socket all fracture
  • A fracture to the jaw
  • A laceration on the gums or the lips

What causes a dental trauma?

Usually a dental trauma will be the result of an accident such as a fall, sports injury or a car crash. Fighting or physical abuse are another causes of dental trauma

What is the treatment for a dental trauma

Treatment will of course, depend on what the trauma was. You will need a thorough investigations and examination by a dentist especially if the accident or trauma has resulted in a loose tooth. Often when one tooth is damaged the other near it may also have some degree of damage which is why a careful examination is necessary.

  • For a fracture in a tooth or a chip, a filling that is tooth coloured might be applied to the missing part of the tooth. If a more substantial part of the crown has been lost then a cap or a crown might be the most appropriate treatment.
  • If the problem is with the pulp of the tooth then it may be necessary to consider root canal treatment
  • If back teeth are injured or if there is a fractured cusp, a full coverage crown as well as a root canal might be necessary.
  • If there is a split tooth then the tooth might need to be extracted.
  • If a tooth is loosened but is still in the mouth, then it might be re-established and maybe additional root canal treatment might be needed.
  • If a patient is a child under 12 then root canal might not be appropriate as their teeth will not be fully developed and may go on to heal without treatment. Careful monitoring will be done by the dentist.
  • A tooth that has been knocked out might be successfully re-planted if you get to a dentist right away. If this happens hold the tooth by the crown and put it back in the socket holding it in place until you can get to a dentist. Your emergency dentist will replace the tooth and might also add a stabilising splint and additional root canal treatment might also be needed. If the tooth cannot be found then you can talk to your dentist about replacement options.

Your Emergency Dentist in London will be able to address any type of dental trauma that you might have. But it is always important to get help early. Call us for help with an injury as soon as you can.