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New Patient Examination Starts at £95 Only (incl. small x-rays)
Dental Emergency

We are an emergency dental clinic located at Wimpole Street, London. Our team of top rated dentists poss many years of experience in dealing with an extensive range of conditions that require urgent dental care. We have out-of-hours dentists who are always ready to treat you with emergency dental care services during emergencies.

At Emergency Dentist London, we can provide same day appointments to ensure you will quickly regain your smile. As well as offering same day dentist appointments we also accept patients on Saturdays and Sundays  for when weekends are more convenient.

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, it is a good idea to go to a dental clinic near you and treat the pain immediately. You may give us a call or schedule an appointment online with our experienced dentist who will provide urgent dental care in London. After an initial evaluation, we will identify the issue and then draft a suitable plan to deal with the problem quickly. We will ensure your whole treatment journey is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


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Dental Crowns

Fixing a loose or fallen-out crown quickly is of high importance. We can provide you with a new crown to restore your appearance during an emergency. Our experienced dentists choose state-of-the-art technology for your natural-looking crown in a single appointment.

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Root Canal

Root Canal treatment can help to save fractured teeth by lessening the pain and avoiding extraction. Our dentist will conduct a full examination of your affected tooth before carrying out any treatment. Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we ensure a comfortable root canal therapy successfully for maintaining your natural smile.

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Composite Veneers

We understand the importance of repairing broken or chipped teeth, especially for teeth which are visible when smiling. We advise choosing composite veneers or composite bonding to restore the tooth back to its normal appearance. These veneers are made of durable material that can be molded easily and then shaped to compliment and blend in with the rest of your teeth. Our dentist chooses composite material that will match the shade of your natural tooth so that the repaire once finished looks new and seamless. The method can be done in a single visit at our office and is a quick way to fix damaged teeth.

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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great choice for solving the problem of missing or knocked out teeth. The bridge can be a customised prosthetic which gets anchored to the adjacent teeth and fills the gap. When you choose our emergency dental treatment, we will provide the most effective treatment that is unique to your case, helping you to regain your smile fast.

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Tooth extraction

A tooth extraction may be necessary due to various reasons, such as tooth decay or extreme damage. Extracting the tooth is a common dental method which can help get rid of bacteria and improve overall oral health. Your tooth will be removed completely from the socket, it is performed by a dentist with local anesthetic. Intravenous anesthesia can be provided if required.

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Tooth fillings

Tooth fillings are required to restore a decayed tooth back to full health. During the filling process the dentist will remove the decay, clean the affected area and finally fill the cleaned out cavity with a tooth coloured filling material. By closing the spaces through which bacteria can enter, a fillings aim is to prevent further decay. Other materials are an option for teeth fillings, which include – gold, porcelain and amalgam.

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Why choose us as Your Emergency Dentist in London

  • Experienced team of dentists
    We feel proud in having a friendly and dedicated team of dentists at our dental clinic in London. All our dentists are trained to meet the highest standards and are familiar with the latest procedures and techniques. We provide you with the best care possible and look after you at every stage of your treatment journey.
  • State of the art facilities
    Our dental clinic has been equipped with the latest technology which allows us to perform the most recent treatments successfully. We use top brand products from the leading manufacturers only.
  • Out-of-hour emergency dental care
    We offer out-of-hour emergency dental care near me. When booking an appointment for an emergency dentist near me, feel free to call us at 02071832793.
  • Appointments on Saturday & Sunday
    Patients who have busy schedules can book their appointments on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 24/7 online booking
    In the case of routine appointments and new patient consultations at the practice, you can choose our 24/7 online booking facility and see the range of dates and times available.
  • Same day appointment facility - We provide emergency same day appointments.
  • Comfortable environment
    We try to make your visit comfortable at the dental clinic in London. Our team will put you at ease so that you can relax before or after your dental treatment.
  • 3D CT scan available
    We will diagnose your dental health with the help of 3D CT scan.
  • Dental sedation
    Dental Sedation is there for both anxious and nervous patients who visit our dental clinic.
  • Affordable pricing
    You may book your urgent dental care appointments at £95 only.

If you require an emergency dentist in London, get in touch with our friendly team as soon as possible.


Not all dental problems are emergencies but some in situations it is important to visit a dentist immediately.


Severe Pain

You should not neglect or ignore dental pain as it could be an indication treatment is required immediately in order to save the tooth. If you experience any of the following you must see a dentist, throbbing sensation, unable to sleep, pain radiating to your ear, jaw, neck and gets worse while lying down. These symptoms indicate a possible cracked tooth to an oral infection.


A Filling Comes Out

Losing a filling may not be something that causes discomfort, meaning it can be tempting to leave it how it is. However bacteria can get into the nerve deeper within the tooth which can lead to many more problems such as requiring a root canal. To avoid the need for more invasive and more costly procedures we strongly recommend getting fillings replaced as soon as possible.


Swollen jaws

A swollen jaw indicates an infection within the mouth tissues. Infections are easily spread around the body and must be treated with a course of antibiotics quickly to avoid further issues.


Sores and growths within the mouth

Sores, Ulcers and growths within the mouth should always be closely monitored by your dentist. Often they are completely harmless however, they can develop into a serious problem such as oral cancer. Though this is a worst-case scenario, it is advisable to see a dentist immediately.


Broken tooth

There can be nothing worse than the feeling of biting down on something and hearing a crack to realise you have broken a tooth. You might notice a small crack or possibly an entire chunk of tooth has broken off. This is very common in the teeth which already have a filling or cavity weakening them.

Cracked and broken teeth do not always produce pain symptoms however, they must be seen too quickly to avoid bacteria getting at the exposed surface. Your dentist will do the best they can to save a tooth, but they can not guarantee the tooth will not require a root canal.


Loose Teeth

Once the adult teeth are fully developed, you should not experience loose teeth. However a tooth may be knocked out due to a blow to the face and become wobbly. Some teeth may fall out after accidents and can be put back in the mouth. Collect the lost tooth and take it with you to the dental practice. Often it is advisable to store the tooth in a milk container until you go to the dentist. The dentist can help replant the tooth in the mouth but within a limited time period only.


Popping in Jaw

If you experience popping/lock jaw you should consult a dentist. These symptoms could indicate you are suffering from a condition known as TMJ. It may lead to grinding and clicking sounds when you chew and cause pain in the jaw. Your dentist may help to treat TMJ, though it can be a lengthy treatment. The earlier you treat it, the better it will be for you.


Numb tooth

When a tooth is hurting and then it stops abruptly and feels numb, it is not at all a good sign. You might be happy that the pain is gone but it means an infection has reached the tooth root. This is the time when you should see a dentist without delay. If you do not allow the dentist to see your infected tooth, you may end up with an infection in the jawbone.


Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can simply be an indication that more flossing is required, therefore being nothing to worry about. However, bleeding gums can also be a sign of gum disease. This should be something which is mentioned to your dentist so that the cause of the problem can be discovered.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, book an emergency dentist appointment at our London dental practice soon.


Meet our experienced dentist who is ready to help you in an emergency.
Dr Siavash Mirfendereski (GDC Number: 66784)


BDS (Lond), MSc (Lond), Hons

Specialist in Prosthodontics
Former Visting Lecturer Restorative Dentistry University of Florence

Emergency Dentist Appointment On Saturday And Sunday

Are you suffering from extreme discomfort and pain? Do you need urgent dental treatment?

We provide you with convenient appointments over the weekend. Our dentists try to prioritise the cases individually and provide appointments on Saturday and Sunday to ease the pain and resolve the problem. Broken dentures, lost crowns, swollen gums, dental trauma, oral injuries and severe toothache are certain issues which require out of hour oral care in times of emergency.

What To Expect After Calling Our Dental Emergency Number?

If you want to schedule an emergency dentist appointment, feel free to give us a call at 02071832793. When looking for out of hour’s appointment, contact our dentist by sending your message below.

Call us now to make your emergency dental appointment.

020 71832793

Common Dental Emergencies – Get Expert Advice

When looking for emergency dental care near me services, we suggest you to contact us soon and arrange for an appointment during urgency. We will provide effective tips on how to deal with your dental emergency. Here is some advice for common dental emergencies:


Knocked-out tooth

Save any pieces of a chipped or knocked-out tooth and keep them in milk until you see an emergency dentist. If the tooth is intact, make sure you rinse it properly in water without removing the tissue fragments. If you can put the tooth back in the socket, you will have greater chance of saving it. Otherwise, you can store the tooth in milk until you see “emergency dentist near me”. Try to apply pressure on the injected site to control the bleeding and a cold compress to help ease the swelling.

Lost Crowns or Fillings

You can try to save the lost crowns or fillings and take them with you to an emergency dentist, where possible.

Dental Abscess

Take necessary painkillers to get rid of the ache and rinse mouth with salty water which can also help to ease the pain.


Our prices

Emergency Appointment


White Fillings

From £150


From £120

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

From £300


From £1250

Implants first and second stage surgery

From £1250

* There can be additional fees for more complex and surgical extractions and weekend appointment.


Any dental concern which requires immediate attention to lessen extreme pain, save a tooth or stop bleeding is considered a dental emergency. This is applicable to severe infections that might be a risk to life, if untreated. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms - this is a dental emergency.

An emergency dentist will identify and then treat the cause of your dental problem. When you are in extreme pain, the dentist will diagnose the issue and give pain relief medication. There are certain instances when it might not be possible to save the tooth and it may be necessary to remove it.

For an appointment with your emergency dentist, you can email or call us. The specialist will check your symptoms and suggest you either visit the clinic or go to A&E.

The cost of an emergency dentist appointment for non-registered patients will be from £95 and then the treatment fees on top.

Rates vary depending on the day and time of the Emergency appointment.

It will take somewhere between thirty minutes to one hour for a dental emergency appointment. This will depend on what is being treated.

You need to evaluate the severity of your emergency if it is associated with a recent injury you should go to A&E for assessment. If the pain persists you should look for contact details on the website for an emergency dental appointment.

If you cannot find a dentist, then call our 24-hour 111 service for help and advice.

We provide early mornings, late evenings, Saturday and Sunday emergency dental appointments.

You need to see an emergency dentist in London if you are suffering from extreme tooth ache, meet with an accident, lose or break a tooth/teeth or experience bleeding gums. If you are finding it difficult to breathe or swallow, then you should seek for medical help immediately.

When you visit our dental practice for an emergency dental appointment, our team will diagnose your exact problem, prevent it from worsening and alleviate the pain you are experiencing. After conducting a thorough dental assessment, our emergency dentist can perform different treatments such as tooth restorations, fitting with temporary restorations, extractions, root canal dressing, replacing fillings and next day denture repairs. We also prescribe antibiotics or painkillers when needed and can refer you for specialist treatment if required.

Emergency dental care can help to avoid medical problems and allow individuals to ease their pain and give them improved oral health so that they can eat without discomfort, pain or trauma. Vulnerable people like children, older people and those suffering from disabilities are at greater risk of suffering from health complications, when dental emergencies are not dealt with promptly. Our emergency dental care is available, every day, for anyone who requires urgent dental care and treatment.