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Our highly experienced Emergency Dentists are always ready to offer "urgent dental care services near me" at our state of the art dental clinic in London

We are conveniently located in central London and all our dentists provide excellent care to our patients and they are ready to take care of any emergency dental problems. Not only do we offer same day appointments but we can also see patients over the weekend if that is more suitable for them or if that is when the emergency occurs. Call us or go online to book your appointment.

We are well aware that a dental emergency can happen at any time and when you are in pain and your usual oral surgery is closed you may well feel very anxious. Our emergency service will provide any treatment you need at any time. Whatever the problem, whether that is a chipped tooth a tooth that's been knocked out, severe toothache a lost crown, broken denture, problems with your gums or even a dental trauma, we are here to help. We are proud of our reputation for offering emergency dental treatment to those who need it.

Emergency Dental Treatments We Offer in London

Always here to help in Urgent Dental Emergency

Our team of qualified and highly experienced dentists and support staff we'll always be here to help you and we offer great value for money too. Our regular appointment slots range from early mornings to late in the evening and include weekends.

We also appreciate that a lot of people feel nervous when they visit the dentist. We are always mindful of this and have a great reputation for making even the most nervous patient feel at ease.


An appointment to see one of our dental professionals is available online or by phone at any time of the day and even at the weekend. Our dentists will prioritise each case and will not hesitate to offer an appointment at the weekend when you are in pain. Whatever the dental trauma you are suffering there will always be somebody here to help you.

Emergency Dental Conditions We Treat

Here are some examples of dental emergencies but we have worked with


One patient sustained a head injury having fallen from his motorbike and also broke his teeth. After he'd been patched up at the hospital, he came to us to have his broken teeth treated.


Another patient had a trampolining accident and knocked one of her teeth out completely. Luckily, she knew that she should replace the tooth in her mouth and hold it in place until she could get to an emergency dentist, and as she had done this, we were able to save the tooth.


Another one of our patients suffered extruded teeth after she had been in a car accident. The teeth were not knocked out but we're hanging by thread to the socket. Because the patient came straight to us and had held the teeth in position, we were able to save her teeth.


Another patient broke his tooth on a piece of bone that was in the food they were chewing and came to see us and we were able to file down the rough edges and repair the tooth.


Some of the most common reasons that we see patients is because they are in severe pain and we are always ready to perform x-rays or any other investigations to get to the bottom of the problem.


Excessive and unexplained bleeding is also a region reason that you should see a dentist urgently. Any dental problem that causes pain or concern should be dealt with promptly as this could make the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

How to book your Urgent Dental Care appointment

When you call our Emergency Dentist in London for an appointment you will be connected to one of our customer service team. We offer multilingual operators and initially, they will ask you for your name and for a contact number. You will then be allocated an appointment at the earliest time possible and will be provided with details of how to reach us and given any information you need on parking etc.

We know that when you are in pain it is not the time for a lot of paperwork and rigmarole so we keep things simple and get you an appointment when you need it.

Call us now to make your emergency dental appointment.

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